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UTM Up2Date 9.310 Released

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Endlich ist das neue Sophos UTM Up2Date 9.310 Released erschienen.


Security Release

Es ist ein neues Up2Date Paket verfügbar, nachfolgend stehen Ihnen alle Infos zum Thema zur Verfügung.


Sophos UTM Up2Date 9.310 Released


UTM 9.3010011


News: Maintenance Update 



System wird neu gestartet

Konfiguration wird aktualisiert

Verbundene Wifi Apps werden mit der Firmen-Software aktualisiert



  • 22468 HTML5 iptables rule doesn’t match for IPSec-routed hosts
  • 23965 Prevent removing default network objects
  • 25191 awed (awed_ng) fails on missing rrd-metadata file
  • 27463 Cablemodem interface does not renew interface address after modem reboot
  • 27601 error message: Netlink message type is not supported in ulogd
  • 28261 Allow ICMP Forward for incoming ICMP packets on uplink interfaces
  • 28627 Sender Blacklist works for Enduserportal but not for Webadmin -> SMTP -> Antispam -> Sender Blacklist
  • 29326 [BETA] rephrase notifications for APT/IPS events
  • 30069 Transparent authentication in cluster mode shouldn’t be balanced
  • 30332 Don’t let INVALID traffic FORWARD over utm
  • 30770 SMTP mailmanager hides filter summary and sorting text
  • 30840 Static route using a pptp RAS IP not set by middleware after connection is estalished
  • 31000 SMTP: different behavior for internal malware and spam dependent on scan outgoing setting
  • 31160 Mail manager language does not use webadmin language
  • 31744 Blacklisted(Mail) due to not working Mutlipath rule
  • 31746 Not downloadable Mails can be downloaded with the ‘Selcect action to apply on messages’ dropdown
  • 32631 iptables-restore running with nearly 100% CPU (CVE-2014-9402)
  • 32665 memleak in afcd
  • 32761 Proxy cert for customized HTTPS enduser messages is not delivered with complete chain information
  • 32880 Cached user backend memberships won’t be updated
  • 32960 Tunnel traffic is counted twice by QoS
  • 32996 Authentication failed after I proceed with accepting warn- or quota page
  • 33027 Packetfilter numeration in webadmin does not match iptables
  • 33149 rrdcached exiting due to unknown reason
  • 33228 Remote access reporting incorrect in case openvpn gets a restart
  • 33304 SSL interception causing annoying pop-ups in Microsoft Outlook and other client software
  • 33704 lag2 interface will be lost after adding as HA interface
  • 33709 Logfile Search for pop3 proxy not working
  • 33752 Wifi: confd error after awe->device validation
  • 33872 Reporting for HTML5VPN connections didn’t work
  • 33952 Not possible to store comments for Vouchers
  • 34009 Bridge with a RED interface and some other Ethernet doesn’t work after Update to v9.3
  • 34128 invoked oom-killer
  • 34156 IPv6 network in “Block password guessing” do not work
  • 34180 Duplicated HTML comments break the production web application
  • 34225 Authentication failed with a disabled remote user if user name is similar to a local user
  • 34232 Postgres died without any corefile
  • 34236 Endpoint Protection overview is not displayed in the webadmin
  • 34263 UMTS dongle shows up in webadmin twice
  • 34315 Ulogd is filling up the swap memory
  • 34317 websec-reporter segfaults in UPL_ParseLine
  • 34320 Proxy download patience page not displayed when using custom template
  • 34330 outdated SSL certificate for WebAdmin on fresh installations
  • 34364 ulogd segfaults and core dumps
  • 34381 Traffic shaping and throttleing is not possible from the web filtering dashboard
  • 34394 Commit issues with visio behind the WAF – Empty content length
  • 34396 LTE dongle (ACM modem) is not more working after update to v9.3
  • 34413 Bridge Interface are not available for QoS since v9.305
  • 34414 “Cannot allocate memory” messages in the afc log
  • 34416 SSL VPN rekeying triggers a disconnect/reconnect of the whole tunnel
  • 34438 processing of new http profile blocks client requests
  • 34452 Authentication test incomplete when using custom group attributes
  • 34458 Kernel panic – not syncing: Fatal exception
  • 34459 Adobe Flash is not blocked by AFC
  • 34470 status code 407 messages are not logged anymore
  • 34475 Improve Firewall Rules search field behavior
  • 34476 First boot after installation stucks in “Starting ProgreSQL”
  • 34491 Web security search engine report shows every keytab from google search
  • 34497 Request body no files data length is larger than the configured limit
  • 34498 DNS Host still up in gui after change the hostname to a not existing name
  • 34505 Can’t enable L2TP profile anymore when the single user was deleted
  • 34512 malformed UTF-8 character in JSON string, at character offset 5502 (before “\x{0}uency”: 2304, “…”) at
  • 34514 [9.3] Availability Group object configured in active directory causes “malformed parameter setting precedes LDAP URL”
  • 34534 End-user Messages for “SPX – Internal error – sender notification” cannot be changed
  • 34541 Shell access cannot be activated when ssh networks are empty
  • 34543 BGP: if “Install routes” is unchecked bgd deamon will not start
  • 34544 HTML5 portal RDP login not possible if same user already logged in (smartcard required)
  • 34570 Various segfaults after 9.308
  • 34697  Import OpenSSL security updates from 1.0.1m


Up2date link:
Up2date MD5sum:  6f45ddff2aa09a5145126f80de73e5e3
File size:  ~166MB


Up2Date Installation:


Folgende Möglichkeiten sind vorhanden, um das neue Up2Date-Package zu downloaden:

1. Loggen Sie sich bei dem WebAdmin ein, navigieren Sie zu "Management >>Up2DateYY und gehen Sie auf die neueste Update-Version, um Ihre Firmen-Software zu aktualisieren. Klicken Sie auf "Watch Up2Date Progress in new Windows" und verfolgen Sie dort den Stand der Installation. (Wenn die Up2Date Installation abgeschlossen ist, bekommen Sie vom Systemadministrator eine Benachrichtigung)

2.Downloaden Sie das Up2Date Package vom Sohphos HTTP oder FTP Server und installieren Sie es unter Management >>Up2Date>>


Sollten Sie weitere Fragen haben, dann kontaktieren Sie uns hier!