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Sophos UTM Update 9.308-16

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Endlich ist das neue  Sophos UTM Update 9.308-16 erschienen.


Security Release

Es ist ein neues Up2Date Paket verfügbar, nachfolgend stehen Ihnen alle Infos zum Thema zur Verfügung.

UTM Update 9.308-16 Maintenence Update



System wird neu gestartet

Konfiguration wird aktualisiert



22842  HTML5 VPN PF Drop Rule should actually say that its dropping traffic

24479  Wrong packetfilter will be created with the internet object and one uplink interface is down

25190  pmacct has problems with the ipfix templates

25244  Window is not closed for RDP sessions if "Stop session" is selected in the drop-down menu

29824  Sometimes Apache not starting at boot time

30106  /proc/net/ip_scheduler/multipath not updated after config changes

30437  Multipath rule for VoIP does not work

31355  Not possible to use a network range object as virtual IP pool for remote access

31439  Recheck for extensions when releasing Quarantine Message

31858  Already encrypted attachments get broken if Content-Transfer-Encoding was not set to Base64

31948  "Any" in "Requiring TLS for specified hosts/nets" does not allow TLS skip list objects.

31986  Tpyo in install instruction for the SPX outlook add-on

32168  Add support for AES GCM with AES-NI and keylength above 128bit

32219  Can't change the hotspot admin email without websecurity license

32406  Adding a host definition with DNS name "localhost" breaks named.conf

32701  Matching DLP expressions - entries in log even if DLP is not configured

32707  HTTP proxy basic auth forces re-auth too often

32709  can't change IP via Front Panel to 10.192.226 stopps at 10.192.225

32741  Hitting "proceed button" after contentfilter warning does not display entire website

32842  Webcontrol for UTM and SEC managed clients does not work - failed to ConvertStringSidToSid

32886  ARP request is performed with wrong IP address

32908  Error messages in kernel.log

32913  Fix vlan 0 and 4095 handling

32935  Missing option to enable/disable Sophos Outlook Add-in in Webadmin

33040  fix traffic counting for br0

33236  [beta] View log file displays nothing in Safari

33391  leading zeros within snmp oids

33414  SMTP: AV Scanner timeout or deadlock

33441  Pre 9.206 uploaded png logos should be converted automatically

33491  Invalid service names of remote access connections in database

33562  ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "modified_headers_pkey"

33627  Error message while activating/deactivating Pop3 and FTP without local networks

33647  SAA client not compatible with newest MacOS (Yosemite)

33658  Bridge: MAC address is not reset after removing the convert interface

33676  Bridge: Enabling IPv6 is not applied under some circumstances

33677  WAF: fix request handling for status code 413

33680  up2date installation fails if previously running up2date download process is still running

33693  Bridge: default ethertype '88B7' not set after converting

33701  ulogd is restarted every hour due to ATP pattern update

33838  SPX reply portal garbled characters

33839  Network objects with interface bindings get overwritten from SUM

33843  SPX - Send and attachments icon hides.

33845  Bridge: Cannot enable multiple vlan interfaces on top of a bridge

33853  update.c[646]: Assertion '!local.disabled ' failed

33875 in /var/chroot-smtp/var/pattern/savi/engine/ has 0 byte after installation

33906  INFO-302 New Firmware Up2Date installed misses new firmware version

33918  Unresolved interface in user portal listen address breaks interface status

33926  Virus scanner error happens when downloading files via WAF

33941  UMTS: Support ESN and MEID

33951  Masquerading rule overview empty

33962  Clients on AP100 shows only 6mbit/s

33976  ulogd segfaults and core dumps

34008  Outgoing mail gets blocked because unscannable - recipient gets a notification

34011  Saved report displays all results instead of "Top 50"

34041  CVE-2014-8500: A Defect in Delegation Handling Can Be Exploited to Crash BIND

34057  Middleware dies if deactivated host object is used in DNS forwarder config

34063  AD groups with identical names on different domains won't be updated correct

34087  SPX: If encryption is done with SPX umlauts will get lost.

34104  WAF: Domain wildcards didn't work anymore after update to v9.3xx

34117  Invalid response line on handler 5 from one website when using web filter in standard mode

34132  NTP Vulnerabilities , CVE-2014-9293 CVE-2014-9294 CVE-2014-9295 CVE-2014-9296 [9.3]

34154  WAF https/s redirection does not work with non-standard ports

34157  Bridge interface not part of ha link monitoring

34165  Change of the UTM hostname in the settings of a RED results in a wrong log entry

34172  RAID monitor not running after updates

34173  Httpproxy fails to lookup correct backend group

34174  Download links in UserPortal (e.g. to download IPsec client software) don't work anymore

34181  Kernel panic in ip_route_output_flow

34183  Since update to v9.304 there is no computer name in the endpoint virus notification

34190  [NUTM-463] OpenSSL security update

34191  smtpd dies without coredump because parsing of from field results in a timeout [v9.3]

34197  httpcache cannot be created - mkdir /var/httpcache/0 failed: File exists

34213  Cloning and editing of a http whitelist breaks the original whitelist

34226  repctl -s stops working if using time zone AEDT (Australia)

34268  Missing graphs in Web Protection after updating to 9.305

34279  Clients are disappearing from the Endpoint overview and some clients appear with high numbers behind the computername

34281  After update to 9.306 PDF Attachments can not be open in Adobe Reader

34308  Backup import via wizard doesn't work

34337  HTTP Proxy: Device auth reports wrong operating system

34352  Sender address gets invalid in smtp proxy

34385  http proxy resets https connection after 5 minutes

34424  WAF: Client repuation check slow down

34426  Since few days is not reachable anymore



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