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Sophos UTM Up2Date 9.207 Released

Veröffentlicht von am in IT
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Heute wurde ein neues UP2Date Paket für Sophos UTM veröffentlicht, welches alle allgemeinen Fehler-Meldungen beheben wird. Dieses Update wird außerdem unseren neuen Wifi Access Point supporten.



  • Sophos UTM 9.207 News:


  • Instandhaltung der Veröffentlichung
    Enthält Support für APs AP15 und AP100



  • System wird neugestartet
  • Konfiguration wird verbessert
  • Verbundene Wifi Aps werden das Update der Firmware übernehmen




  • 30195 It’s not possible to edit a country blocking exception from a source exception to a destination exception
  • 30261 Change error handling for failed authentication in auth_form
  • 31539 Add support for PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) to Exim
  • 31772 Hotspot: voucher details for bridge-to-vlan networks
  • 31857 SMTP profile mode not working, because not all domains are written in exim.conf.includes/local_domains
  • 32029 Switching user group from “static” to “backend membership” does not remove static group members
  • 32233 Switching user group from “backend membership” to”static” does not set backend_match to “none”
  • 32241 “Update to Latest Version Now” downloads and installs newer up2date packages than displayed
  • 32321 Upload fails for passive FTP connections in transparent mode
  • 32340 Clients with Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant still fail to authenticate
  • 32431 Kernel panic in 9.204: ip_queue_xmit+0x19a/0x2d3
  • 32553 AFC control skiplist host listed in top 10 blocked application control destinations
  • 32596 RED Interface doesn’t send dhcp requests after the RED is online
  • 32605 UTM525 stops with kernel panic with nf_nat_seq_adjust+0x93/0x2e2 [nf_nat]
  • 32616 Scanner time out while too many CCL rules are turned on
  • 32646 OWA and OA access didn’t work anymore after changing the password
  • 32781 Hotspot: expiry not set in DB
  • 32833 Regression: SMTPd/Exim does not reload on AD backend server modification
  • 33116 Up2date flag not set for owaspcrs


Up2date link:
Up2date MD5sum:  5f30c6ea5c50cebc88b3d79c5fdf517e
File size:  ≈90MB



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